5 Things Only People In Bodybuilding Understand

The world of bodybuilding is a beautiful, healthy thing… but from the outside looking in – we look like a bunch of grade A crazy people. Here are 5 things that only hardcore lifters will understand…

Lunk isn’t really an insult.

We know that you meant lunk as an insult. Judging by your flabby @$$, we will take that as a compliment. We know what you meant to say was “Nice pecs.” We totally get how crazy you think that we are. It is alright by us. We used to be just like you until we caught the bug. So, if doing what we love means we catch a little flack – so be it. If that makes us lunks – that’s fine by us.

We think about our bodies 24/7.

We do not mean that in a stuck up way, narcissistic way. It takes so much work to gain muscle mass – in and out of the gym. We constantly have to think about what we are eating, how many calories we are consuming, how much protein we are getting, when we are getting it and what ways that we can modify old movements to overcome a plateau. Does that sound exhausting?

Lifting prevents us from doing stupid $@!%.

Exercise is GREAT for spiritual well being and since we have not robbed a bank or stolen a puppy this week, we have to say that we believe that. Bodybuilding is keeping us out of prison and off the pole one deadlift at a time. Isn’t that the only secret to life? If you can avoid the two “p’s” then you are doing ok. Come to think of it… prisoners have a lot of time to workout. Hmmmm… maybe we are going about this all wrong here.

It’s also GREAT for our mental health.

Science proves that exercise lowers anxiety levels and decreases the chances of developing depression. That is more than enough reason to get to the gym even when we would rather watch a Game of Thrones marathon on Netflix. When we take care of our bodies, it distracts our mind too. No more worrying about that jerk at the office or if our girlfriend is going to run off with the UPS man. Really – it makes us better for everybody. So, just let us go to the gym and don’t give us flack for it. This may be saving our relationship.

Let’s keep it 100. Protein farts suck.

It never fails. You consume a large amount of whey protein… and you fart. That’s just digestion 101. This sucks for everybody involved. Date nights are especially hard because we have to worry about farting. This may or may not be why we keep getting up to “check the spaghetti” or “pee”… both code words for “fart.”

Bodybuilding is a way of life and a passion that you love for a lifetime. Call us weird, or even lunk… but whatever you do, don’t call us lazy. We are some of the most passionate, hard working people you will ever meet and we don’t mind being outsiders over something that we love so damn much.